Aluminium other Profiles

Aluminium Interlocking Profile

Aluminium frames are made using an extrusion process i.e. by forcing the pre-heated aluminium alloy through a die to create an aluminium profile. It is the design of these profiles that gives the frame its unique characteristics.

Advantages are Strong holding & stability, easy installation, Slim & attractive design, good shock absorption, easy maintenance, durable & good finish

Aluminium Skirting Profile

Aluminium skirting profiles are among the most preferred skirting models. These profiles are suitable for countertops and ideal for wall base.

Advantages are durable, good finish, good look for edge finishes & shields from scratches

Aluminium Bus Bars

Aluminium bus bars are used as conductors in electric panel boards. It can be drawn through a die cast through a mould into all manner of customised designs and shapes-flat & round

Advantages are light weight, robust, resilient, withstand extreme conditions & less cost

Aluminium Interlocking Profile

Aluminium Skirting Profile

Bus Bars